About Us

For ages, Africa existed in harmony with herself; with her flora and fauna. So natural was the relationship that some visitors conveniently assumed the people to be a part of it.
They, experiencing the pangs and pains of over-exploited homelands were easily taken by the continents grandeur. Unable to help themselves,  they charmed their way into the hearts of their welcoming hosts. They would, unfortunately, overstay their welcome. Charm soon gave way to sly that was soon overun by a forceful takeover. Worse, they managed to instill a culture of individualism over the sustainable extended family.
Any proud warrior who resisted this insane incursion was mowed down the very same way Mama was stripped of her beauty and resource. As fate would have it, however, the monster Greed, simply refused to be contained.
Soon, the sport hunters were fighting over crumbs. Thankfully,  the 'fools' also realised their folly and reclaimed their dignity and rightful inheritance-it was not without the spill of blood, sweat, and tears.
That age is long gone and Africa is gradually and painstakingly regaining her majesty. Even as she claws for her spot at the global table, the old yet sustainable practices must be re-employed. She must, for starters, tell her own story. This page is the pioneer declaration of undying love of Africa by a black African. The tale begins in East Africa, Kenya. You are all welcome in the walk!
Thorn Travels is a website solution dedicated entirely to travel. The core revolves around experiential travel writing. To this vision, the founder doubles up as the content manager. The founder is currently an editor/writer attached to the Magazine Section of the oldest and one of the leading Newspaper brands in Kenya-The Standard Newspaper. He is the resident lifestyle and travel writer for Sunday Standard Magazine with a wealth of travelogues to his name. Thorn Travels site acts as an archive for his work, which probably saw first light in The Standard. Lifestyle and travel are inevitably interlinked to the environment and he strives to use all platforms available to him to create awareness on how best we can conserve the environment. Augmenting his efforts is a dedicated, not to mention, skilled Thorn Travels team all pulling towards the centre who promise to upload a fresh experience every week.