While Most Turn To Big Medicine For Answers, One Mom Has Found A Natural Solution To Fight Back Against Spreading Sickness

A mom in California is not waiting on a solution to the recent concerns over spreading illness. She is taking matters in her own hand and swears that her approach is far better than what most people are doing now.

While the CDC estimates 150 million people in the United States will get sick this year and responds to public health threats, Susan, a mother of 3 is responding in her own way and is claiming her household hasn’t so much as caught even a common cold in over 4 years. She claims that she had found a natural way to kill bugs and viruses in more ways than one, after a series of colds and flu hit her family 5 years ago.

“I’M TIRED of going to the doctor’s office”
“I’M TIRED of my kids bringing home the flu”
“I’M TIRED of depending on modern medicine to solve the problem for me.”
…says Susan. “Look, I found something that works for us. I am not worried about a new virus infecting my family because I have 3 ways to fight back in just 1 bottle. It is so powerful that I feel that it has me and my family protected in more ways than one. I use it on surfaces around my home and rub it into my skin for immune response benefits. Even if you do catch a virus, I believe that the symptoms and time it affects you are greatly reduced.” Says Susan.

Susan shows off one of the ways she fights back against illnesses.

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), there are 247 virus species that are known to be able to infect humans. The first of these to be discovered was yellow fever virus in 1901, and three to four new species are still being found every year! It seems almost inevitable that new human viruses will continue to emerge, mainly from other mammals and birds, for the foreseeable future.
When new viruses or illnesses are discovered, especially when there are no vaccines readily available, mass panic can create a lot of social and economical complications.
Vaccines can take years to properly develop and test
There are several dozen ongoing research efforts to develop vaccines, as the World Health Organization listed 62 candidates working on a recent response to a highly contagious outbreak.
Vaccine development is a long, complex process, often lasting 10-15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement according to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
A top US health official has said it will take at least 12 months to 18 months to determine if any vaccine is safe and effective against a new ongoing pandemic.

In the meantime, is a natural solution the best thing you can do to protect your household? We dig deeper to find out.

While people are rushing to buy toilet paper, sanitizer, water and food, Susan has been stocking up on a product called Vitamin D Boost. Vitamin D is a remarkably versatile nutrient. It plays an important role in a wide range of different systems and processes throughout your body. It also has germ fighting properties among other potential health benefits.

  • Helps maintain healthy skin and hair

  • Boost your skin’s defense system

  • Prevents the development of cardiovascular disease

  • Powerful Antioxidant

  • Help manage high blood pressure

Are you getting enough Sunshine? If not, you are probably suffering from Vitamin D3 deficiency, which could affect your mood, immune system, bones, muscles and teeth

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Helps Strengthen Muscles, Bones, Teeth & Immune System – Vitamin D3 helps with the absorption of calcium, strengthening our bones and teeth; Doctors also say Vitamin D deficiency can weaken immune system in men, women and kids

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    – Supports a Healthy Immune System

    – May Enhance Mood & Feeling of Wellbeing

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    Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing

Step 1:

“Every day, I put a drop or two in my favorite cold beverage and let it do its thing. The Vitamin D quickly provides the immune system support which ups your chances to fight off illnesses.”

step one picture

Step 2:

“We all know the main way that colds and flu’s spread is through surfaces and skin contact. I use this oil as a disinfectant for any surface including my skin. I mix it with vinegar and clean my entire home with it. I really think this is one of the main reasons why my family has not gotten sick in such a long time. It really does the trick.” explains Carol. “This oil is very strong, so I recommend a few drops in either oil, water, or vinegar for a highly effective hand sanitizer.”

Step 3:

Susan explains that the 3rd thing she does to protect her family from unwanted viruses, is to rub the oil into her and her family’s feet at night just before bed. “A very small amount rubbed into the feel allows it to penetrate into your body to provide a daily boost and support for the immune system. I do this anytime I suspect that a cold is coming on, or we have been around anyone who is sick. I personally believe it will knock anything out within a day or two.”